I was inspired by God in January of 2006 to paint and draw Texas Longhorn Cattle. I am a “self taught” artist who grew up in a little farming community of Klondike, Texas where we raised cotton and cattle. I have always loved cows, but longhorns have always fascinated me with their massive horns, coloring, and all their spots. I had no drawing skills before 2006. God gave me this Awesome Gift while I was working in a little barber shop at the time in Midland, Texas. I had been praying for something else to do with my hands so that I could make some extra money or maybe a career change one day. A few days later. While I was sitting there in my chair waiting on customers to call or walk in so I could cut their hair and I heard…as clear as a bell…. “Why don’t you paint longhorns on canvas?”….I knew it was God. After I heard this, it was so strong in me, I couldn’t just let it go and forget about it. I had to see if I could really draw right then.  So I found this cowboy magazine there in the shop and drew the horse on the front of it. The only paper I could find at the time was some sticky notes that my co-worker had on her station. I have three sticky note drawings…lol… After I realized that I could draw from a photograph, I got my first drawing pad and I drew everything western that I could get my hands on. I had never thought about painting anything on canvas….Ever….much less longhorns. I’ve always loved them ever since we had them on our farm, but I never thought about drawing or painting them until now.  They have been a passion of mine since then. God knew He could use my passion for Texas Longhorn Cattle and this “gift” that He gave me to touch people’s hearts through my work. But most of all…to Glorify Him!!!  I am a longhorn artist by heart, but I have started to draw people’s pets. So if you see other animals in with the longhorns then that’s why, because people are crazy about their pets! I am a very detailed person as you can tell. I work with graphite pencils making sure to get the right lighting, shading, and depth in each drawing. My style is photo-realism and I work solely from photographs, taking time with every little intricate detail. Enjoy and Be Blessed!!  ;D